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After the finishing touches had been applied on the having been begun object, the craftsman balanced his own body on the twin wings and he was suspended in the moving air. And he instructs and says to his son, "I warn you, Icarus, to travel the middle path, lest, if you should go lower, the waves will weigh down the wings, if higher, the fire will scorch them. Fly between the two. I order you not to look at Boötes or Helices or to aim for drawn sword of Orion. I’ll lead you, seize the path!" At the same time, he hands over his advice for flying, he adjusted unknown wings to his son’s shoulders. Between the work and the warnings, the old man's cheeks became wet with tears, and his paternal hands trembled. He gave a kiss to his son, not to be repeated again, and having been lifted by his wings he flies before and fears for his companion, as if a mother bird which leads its tender offspring from the tall nest into the air. And he urges him to follow, and he teaches the destructive arts, and he himself moves his wings and looks back at his son. Anyone while they strive to catch fish with a trembling reed, or a shepherd leaning on his staff, or a farmer leaning on his plow handle, saw and were amazed by them, and (he) believed that they were gods, who were able to take the sky. Now on the left was Juno’s Samos (Delos and Paros had been left behind) and on the right was Lebinthos and fertile Calymne, rich in honey, when the boy began to take pleasure in his daring flight and having been dragged (drawn) by his desire for the sky, he deserted to even greater heights. The proximity to the scorching sun softened the fragrant wax that bound the feathers together, and the wax had melted away. He shakes naked arms, and lacking with regards to the set of wings he secures not any air. His cries for the father were drowned out by the azure (sky blue) sea, which is now called the Icarian Sea. His father, wretched now and no longer a father, called out "Icarus, Icarus, where are you? In what region should I search for you?" "Icarus," he was crying. He caught sight of the wings in the water and cursed his own art and buried the body in a tomb, and the earth was called with the name of him having been buried.

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